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    The department is composed of highly qualified personnel using the best tools available to the sector: the program NX8.5 with the package Unigraphics Mold Wizard in the CAD system and the HYPER MILL 2012 Open Mind in the CAM, CNC machine tools connected to 3 and 5 axes.
    Starting from the idea of the customer, the technical team is able to create the 3D model, the tables and views needed to achieve the generation of tool paths and perform rapid prototyping and resin models. Starting instead from a real object, Reverse Engineering, it is possible to mathematically reconstruct the object for the design of the mold.
    The company is able to meet all needs: design in 2D or 3D molds for small and medium-sized, single and multi-cavity, injection with hot chamber and single or multiple nozzle with automatic unscrewing molds of threads. Throughout the design phase, our customers are guaranteed the ability to interface with the technical department to check and, if necessary, change the mold in real time in order to quickly and effectively fix any emergency situation.

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