Giussani Stampi is a participating member of the ITS Lombardia Meccatronica Foundation.

Think About the Future

Future means smart young people and get ready to build it.
Education in Italy, after completing the compulsory cycle, basically foresees two paths: those who have the desire and the skills to study go on aiming for a degree while those who have less, of ability or desire, choose alternative paths with the aim of going to work as soon as possible.

This created an inevitable gap between “hyper-skilled” and “not-skilled enough”. In our sector, for example, between engineers and workers. With a whole world of specializations in the field rather than at school.

Finding a qualified CNC operator has become more difficult than finding a customer. In a 2019 in which we continue to talk about the problem of youth employment this seems
anachronistic, yet it is sadly true.

The difficulty of recruiting young and prepared personnel to be included in strategic departments
of the company, i.e. the design and construction of the molds, brought us closer to reality
of ITS, Higher Technical Institutes, post-diploma high technical training schools developed on the German dual model.

The first contacts were to ask for help in finding staff and they are
followed many important projects that we have been proud to carry out for some years now.

Today Giussani Stampi collaborates with the ITS Lombardia Meccatronica Foundation at different levels through:
• hosting technical visits or laboratory lessons in the company;
• the donation of scholarships to the most deserving students;
• hospitality of trainees or apprenticeships;
• hiring young people who have completed the ITS path;
• joining the Foundation by becoming a participating Member.

Work in progress