We have been designing and manufacturing small and medium-sized molds for the mass production of plastic items for all types of product sectors since 1970.

Since the end of the 90s we have been printing and assembling the products of which we make the molds internally. We are proud of our latest generation fleet as well as of our young, qualified and motivated staff. We believe in the value of Made in Italy as a guarantee of quality and reliability but we work to contain prices and production times. Because we are convinced that the only right way to work is to aim at the optimum between quality and price, between our satisfaction and that of the customer who chooses us.



The department is composed of highly qualified personnel using the best tools available to the sector: the program NX8.5 with the package Unigraphics Mold Wizard in the CAD system and the HYPER MILL 2012 Open Mind in the CAM, CNC machine tools connected to 3 and 5 axes.


The construction department works in a continuous loop to make molds optimized on the basis of the stress that will support productive in operation and designed to meet the full product development ensuring the highest productivity over time.


The department’s fleet consists of 13 injection molding machines with tonnage ranging from 55 to 500 tons.
All machines are equipped with the most modern automation systems, the devices necessary for thermoregulation, drying and dehumidification of engineering plastics, conveyor belts and robotic manipulators.


The department makes use of machines with ultrasonic welding, hot plate welding machines with robot, silicone oven for 5-axis and the detensioning of plastic parts.
Each piece is carefully inspected and tested by qualified technicians before being packed and delivered to the customer.


  • The sector most specialized company. It is in the segments of the motorcycle and agricultural machinery that Giussani Stampi has, in fact, the longest experience in both design and production.
  • It is the first area where she specialized production enterprise and, therefore, one in which Giussani Stampi boasts the most experience and well-established.
  • The corporate offer ranges from construction of the mold, to the realization of the workpiece support, to injection molding of containers for cosmetics in general and the make-up in particular.
  • Giussani Stampi has extensive experience in mold making and molding of technical parts intended for the electrical, electronic and household appliances.